Bechtler Gold Mile Trail

Christopher Bechtler minted America's first one-dollar gold coin, in 1832, almost 17 years before the U.S. Mint made one of its own. The Gold Mile is a commemorative trail around downtown Rutherfordton that begins at the Bechtler House on W. 6th Street, and passes by boutiques and businesses on Main Street. The trail is marked by replica one-dollar Bechtler gold coins commemorating special individuals and organizations. Although the coins are not real gold like the original, they are crafted by a local artist to resemble Bechtler's famous one-dollar coin. Each one is handmade and customized with a dedication message. If you are interested in leaving your mark on Rutherford County and becoming a part of the Gold Mile, you can pick up a donation form at the Bechtler House or online at VisitNCGold.com

  • Main St.

The Gold Mile is a 1-mile loop around downtown Rutherfordton that leads to the Bechtler House. Travelers can experience an easy stroll past historic homes and buildings, downtown galleries and boutiques, and other points of interest along the way. The developing sidewalk trail is…