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Native's Rest Candle Shop

382 Main Street, Chimney Rock, NC 28720

Environmentally conscious, locally handmade, all natural soy candles. Carrying a line of carefully crafted 100% pure essential oil candles, catering to those who prefer the benefits of aromatherapy. They also created a line of scents infused with an artistic blend of aromatic smells to cater to those who prefer a more fragrant candle. The company was born in the heart of the Hickory Nut Gorge, tucked away, in the Western North Carolina mountains. They have created a line of candles that are native to this beautiful area. These hills hold a history so deep and spiritual we chose to name our company after this land. This is considered sacred ground by the Cherokee and Catawba Native Americans, a magical and special place on this Earth. Although these two tribes were common enemies, they held peace among each other when traveling this gorge. It is because of this truth they chose to call the company, Natives Rest.