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First Baptist Church - Forest City - Marker

West Main Street, Forest City, NC 28043

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH - Organized as Cool Springs Baptist Church in John Bostick home in 1848 - met there until 1855 about 500 feet West. First log Meeting House and Cemetary on Vance Street 1855-1867. Second church house location in present Cool Springs Cemetary 1867-1889. Church deeded cemetary to town of Forest City in 1938. Third church house (Forest City Baptist) was located on this site and was first brick building in Forest City 1889-1915. Served as public school 1915-1922. Site of parsonage 1923-1985. Fourth and present church erected in 1915. Alexander Memorial Educational Builing 1927. Listed in National Register of Historic Places 1989.