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Darby Farms

5236 Hudlow Rd, Union Mills, NC 28167

n late 2017, elderberry, an age old wellness tradition that Jeni had made and given to family since 2011, came into the mainstream of America. The opportunity then arose for them to plant, grow, harvest and produce Elderberry Syrup locally. Darby Farms Elderberry Syrup in now widely distributed throughout America. This inspired Jeni and Daniel to diversify the farm further to plant medicinal and food producing plants and trees in an integrated system with animals called silvopasture. The silvopasture technique is thousands of years old and merged with modern day technologies of electric fencing, water management and plant selection just might be the key to climate change mitigation. More healing products will be offered in the coming months. Darby Farms plans to raise 3000 laying hens, 200 laying ducks, 200 turkey, 50 pigs, 20 head of sheep, a few head of cattle and plant more elder plants, black walnut, black locust, blueberry, chestnut and more.