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Bostic/Golden Valley

Bostic Town Hall, 104 Pearidge Road, Bostic, NC 28018

Another town full of rolling green hills, Bostic hides its treasures away on dusty dirt roads. Drive through and visit Washburn’s General Store, the oldest, consecutively family owned and operated retail business in the entire state – it’s known for keeping modern necessities in stock next to old-fashioned penny candy from your grandparents’ heyday. Continuing the county’s theme of early American history, the Bostic Lincoln Center preserves and exhibits key accounts and facts that support the theory that President Abraham Lincoln was born here! For spirit-lovers, the Golden Valley area of Bostic holds the glory of Blue Ridge Distilling Company – take a tour and sample its Defiant Whisky. Blink and you could miss it, but stop and let Bostic open your eyes to the beauty of the Blue Ridge Foothills. Learn more at www.goldenvalleync.com.   Annual Events: Bostic Lincoln Center Spring Festival Music at the Mills Bluegrass & Arts Festival