BananaRama may have not meant the climate when they coined the phrase "it's a cruel cruel summer" but lately "cruel" is definitely the intense heat waves engulfing the country. Never fear! Here in the North Carolina foothills, we have the coolest ways to beat the heat!



Catch the Breeze

Zip line

There's no cooler feeling than the wind whipping around you while flying through the air above serenely beautiful forests and hillsides. Canopy Ridge Farms' 60 acres of ziplining joy is sure to thrill the most jaded of outdoor enthusiasts and guaranteed to get the breeze going. Reservations in advance are recommended so be sure to check their website or call for details.



Splash it Off


No matter whether it's wake boarding, water skiing, and tubing, to kayaking and paddleboarding, pontoon boat adventures, or fishing excursions; Lake Lure Adventure Company has the perfect combination of water frivolities to douse any heatwave. You can even combine your perfect combination of activities into a single session. Advance reservations are required, so check their website for details and contact information.



Climb into a Cooler Climate


Not even summer's heat can zap the coolly quiet beauty of mountain trails through shaded forests.The myriad of trails at Chimney Rock State Park offer something for everyone  -  even those who would rather take an air conditioned elevator to the top! From spectacular waterfalls to incredible views from 2,640 feet above sea level, beating the heat has never been so breathtaking.



Cool Your Body, Fire Up Your Brain


History buffs, art enthusiasts, or even just lovers of learning will appreciate Rutherford county’s incredibly cool museum adventures. Learn about the history of gold mining in North Carolina at Rutherfordton's Bechtler House and the Bechtler Mint and Historic Park. Explore the mysteries surrounding the birth of Abraham Lincoln at Bostic Lincoln Center. Immerse yourself in local artisans works at the Rutherford County VAC. Kids can even indulge in interactive exhibits and activities at Rutherfordton's KidSenses Interactive Museum. It's the joy of learning in air conditioned happiness.


Relax and Refresh


When summer's heat gets you down, there's nothing quite like a cool mountainside spa to refresh the senses. From total body indulgence packages at Lake Lure’s Irongate Spa or the Spa & Salon at Rumbling Bald, and Chimney Rock's Esmeralda Spa; to exquisitely customized facials at Blake’s Spa in Forest City. No matter what your spa style or stress level, the spas of Rutherford county are guaranteed to transform any hot mess into the coolest bliss.



Drink it In


Summer may be hot, but the locally crafted wines and brews in the Rutherford County foothills are definitely not! Take advantage of local vineyard fresh tastings and superbly paired nibbles at Chimney Rock's Burntshirt Tasting Room. Enjoy perfectly chilled local brews with panoramic gorge views at Hickory Nut Gorge Craft Brewery. Shopping enthusiasts can even sip their favorite liquid refreshment while feeding their inner shopaholic at Forest City's Twisted Pear Taproom and Coffee House. It's a fantastic way to cool off while chilling out.


Command the Cool

No matter how you prefer to beat the heat, Rutherford county has the options to make it the coolest experience ever. So come on out! The air is definitely cooler up here.