The term "farm to table" has become a catchphrase for any restaurant wanting to make its mark in the world of organic dining. True farm to table dining, however, is rarely possible without the accessibility of locally cultivated meats and produce. The state of North Carolina has a rich history of agricultural excellence, and Rutherford county is no exception. Take a foothills journey through foodie bliss. From sweet treats to full scale dining, these genuine farm to table dining options are sure to make your taste buds sing!

Fagan's Farm

Blink and you might miss this lovely, quaint town, but Ellenboro is huge with Southern small town charm. True to its agricultural roots, dining in Ellenboro is full of farm-fresh southern flair and hospitality. The perfect example is Fagan's Farm. Located just off the beaten path on New House Rd, this place is about as farm to table fresh as you can get. The restaurant and produce store are located on the Fagan's family-owned and operated farm. Every dish is made with their own organically farm grown produce making this spot a truly wonderful, naturally flavorful dining experience not to be missed. Be sure to take a moment in the produce and grocery. Everything is grown and picked in their on-site fields. A truly unique establishment that embodies the best of locally sourced food and service.

Whistle Stop Bakery & Farm Store

The town of Bostic, located in Golden Valley, is home to one of the best bakeries in the state. Whistle Stop Bakery & Farm Store takes locally sourced pride to a whole new level with their homemade jams, jellies, breads, and sweet treats. Everything is made from scratch onsite, and the store also offers a butcher counter featuring seasonal locally sourced meats. Custom cakes, pies, and cookies are always available, and their oatmeal creme pies and carrot cake cupcakes are known as absolute bakery nirvana. Be sure to stay and browse through the many crafts and accessories available in their store. It's a truly one of a kind stop not to be passed by.

The Dutch Broad Cafe

Rutherford county is home to a number of fantastic eateries, but none as freshly fabulous as The Dutch Broad Cafe. Located in the community of Cliffside, NC, this eco-friendly lunch restaurant operates completely on solar power, making it one of the only off-grid places of its kind. Utilizing nothing but farm fresh, locally sourced, organic ingredients, the establishment's flavorful menu and catering offerings are a true foodie paradise. From goat cheese puffs with local honey, to smoked chicken salad, to super healthy full meals available on their catering menu like the keto pork tenderloin with green bean casserole and herb steamed broccoli; The Dutch Broad Cafe offers beautifully presented simple fare, ample portions, and friendly southern hospitality that combine effortlessly to create a dining experience like no other. This agroforestry farm restaurant is a must stop place for every traveler.

A Fresh Foodie Journey

The rich agricultural heritage of the Rutherford county foothills makes it an ideal location for organic, humanely sourced farming; and the farm to table dining options in this area of North Carolina are some of the best around. We highly recommend you visit them all. Healthy, organically flavorful dining is closer than you think!