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Visit during the spring and enjoy the early burst of color or spend some time with us over summer vacation; rent a lake house, take a boat tour, hike a trail, or attend a festival.  Prefer to travel in the fall, take a scenic drive on country roads lined with rich hues of red, orange and gold or see it all up close by exploring one of our many trails or parks that reward those that choose to hike. Just make sure you don't count us out for winter travel because we have one of the best light displays in the country, not to mention hometown Christmas parades that make you feel like you've traveled back in time.  Choose your adventure and we will see you soon.

Posts from September 2019

History can be fascinating. Not only is it an opportunity to learn about the lives and livelihoods of those who came before us, it's also a storied journey into our nation's past filled with tales of intrigue, adventure, and bravery. Each community and state has their own tale to tell. North

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered if the scenic landscape was a real place or simply a Hollywood creation? Everything from horror flicks, to suspense thrillers and romantic comedies seem to take place in locations that appear they're only real for the storyline, yet they can seem eerily

No matter what the season - or reason! - events in Rutherford county make every occasion special. From arts, crafts, and history, to holidays and hikes; the opportunities for making memories are endless. If you're looking for a unique way to celebrate a holiday, or simply something fun to do on a