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Trip Ideas and Itineraries in Lake Lure & The Blue Ridge Foothills

Our customized itineraries are the easiest way to explore our area and take the guesswork out of travel planning. Peruse our list of itineraries with ideas for day-trips, weekend getaways, extended weekends or week long vacations. New trips are added every month, so check back often for the best ways to experience Lake Lure and the Blue Ridge Foothills all year long.

The spring and Easter holidays are a time to celebrate nature’s new beginnings after the long slumber of winter - and... Read More

Photo courtesy of instagram.com/tiffanyrosemarino/ Thanksgiving is a time of gratefulness, but if the thought of cooking, cleaning,... Read More

Been stuck indoors for way too long? We get it. When the only scenery you experience on a daily basis is the four walls of your home... Read More

Photo Credit @northgateresorts South Mountain Scenery By-Way Route Type: Driving This beautiful journey through the Golden Valley area... Read More

History can be fascinating. Not only is it an opportunity to learn about the lives and livelihoods of those who came before us,... Read More

For centuries the Town of Rutherfordton has been attracting visitors both far and wide. Once home to Christopher Bechtler, the man who... Read More

Celebrate love, rekindle romance and take a break from it all in Lake Lure and the Blue Ridge Foothills. Set the course for a tranquil... Read More

Everyone knows what it takes to make a dog truly happy. A warm bed, ample treats and plenty of behind-the-ear massages go a long way,... Read More

Click here to download a map of our Rutherford County, NC campgrounds. Click here to browse campground listings and book your stay. For... Read More

We love giving residents and visitors’ different ways to enjoy our county, and one of the best is through our many scenic... Download Tours

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Summer vacation is officially in full swing, and the kids are full of energy, but where can families journey to that doesn’t... Read More

There is no place like home for the holidays; but there is something magical about starting new yuletide traditions amongst sweet... Read More

Forest City was originally known as Burnt Chimney in the late 1800’s. Today, the southern charm, bustling Main Street and iconic... Read More

The Town of Spindale was once a hub of mills and factories in the 1900s, in fact, Spindale’s name was appropriately chosen for... Read More

Since the beginning of time, murals have told stories of the world’s history and its people from cave drawings by ancient... Read More

Explore our quaint downtowns this winter and enjoy the warm and friendly faces that will welcome you to Lake Lure and the Blue Ridge... Read More

Go ahead – goof off! Our lake, streams, trails and parks provide the perfect avenue for letting your imagination run wild. Lake... Read More

Guys' Weekend. It doesn't get enough credit. While it's true that women tend to do more planning of activities for their... Read More