Haynes Grove Baptist Church

Continuing North on 221-A below Cliffside School on your right is the lovely white framed Haynes Grave Baptist Church constructed by Raleigh Haynes in 1903 as a Methodist church for African-Americans. In 1907 the church became the Haynes Grove Baptist Church with worship services conducted twice per-month. Sunday School was held weekly. Very little is known about the early years. The first recorded baptisms took place in 1917 in the creek below the church. In the 1940's an outdoor baptismal pool was built at the back of the church and used until an indoor baptismal pool was installed in the 1980's.Several pastors served the congregation until 1939 when Rev. E. W. Bonner of Gaffney S.C. was called.Rev. Bonner served until 1982- 43 years. Haynes Grove Church has continued to have a vibrant congregation throughout its history. Robert Lipscomb is the current pastor. The church building was also used as Haynes Grove School for African-American children until a small brick school was constructed in 1936 across 221-A an top of a hill.

Address : 121 Haynes Grove Church Road, Mooresboro, NC 28114, USA
Visit Site : http://www.remembercliffside.com/

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