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Cliffside Baptist Church

Return to Main Street and continue south now past the clock tower until you see the post office on your right and opposite the Post Office is a large brick building formerly the Cliffside Baptist Church. The Baptist Church has a long history in the development of Cliffside. Organized in 1903 members met for a short time in homes of the community and later moved into the old town hall. Realizing the need for a large building for public worship the first building was erected on North Main Street in 1909.The church developed and expanded so rapidly that a second building was planned in 1922. A large brick structure in the Classic Revival style was completed in 1924 on Main Street near the downtown area. This imposing building is still standing today. No longer used as a church it is being repurposed for use as a woman's shelter by Harvest House Ministries.The congregation again desired a new modern structure and moved a short distance North on Main people remain in the community served by the church for over 100 years.

Address : 245 Old Main Street, Mooresboro, NC 28114, USA
Visit Site : http://www.remembercliffside.com/
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