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Past UR Time Farm

333 Lambs Grill Rd, Rutherfordton, NC 28139

Past Ur Time Farm is a 150 acre family farm where they raise all of the livestock naturally and on pasture. Their goal is to provide quality pasture raised and grass fed products. Animals are raised humanely with lots of open green space to move around, ample shelter, fresh water and plenty of quality human interaction and attention. Everything on the farm has a purpose and together they are the foundation of a business that continues to grow. The cattle provide calves and beef for sale. The hogs provide piglets and pork for sale. The goats provide kids for sale and fresh milk for the hogs. The chickens roam the property and provide bug control and eggs for the growing hogs as well as our own consumption. The farm cuts their own hay to provide food to all through the months when pasture isn't growing. Through continued best practices, learning and attention to detail, they aim to produce quality products and bring awareness to the benefits of pasture raised meat.