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Barbara T. Meliski Park

Hwy. 64/74A, Chimney Rock Village, NC 28720

Plaque reads: This park is dedicated to Barbara T. Meliski who served on Chimney Rock Village Council as Mayor Pro Temp from the date of incorporation in July 1991 until 2005, and as Mayor from 2005 until her retirement from office in November 2015. A passionate leader, Barbara is honored for her inspired vision for the future of this special place, her tireless energy, and her total dedicated to the welfare of the residents and improvement of the Village. Her skill in developing partnerships and her perseverance in getting things done enhanced the beauty, amenities and economy of our Village. During her twenty-four years in office, her every act was guided by her supreme love of the Village and her people. Although Mayor Meliski never sought recognition, the community knew that Chimney Rock Village was a better place to work, live and visit because of her many accomplishments.